Shipbuilding and repair services

Wherever located your project, we are ready to fortify your company with our experienced professionals. We are ready to join you across the Europe and Scandinavia. Main our services are:
Abrasive blasting – also known as sandblasting. Steel cleaning according to ISO 8501-1; ISO 8501-2; ISO 8503
UHP Water jet cleaning. According ISO 8501-4
Mechanical surface preparation -grinding, sanding according to ISO 8501-3
Coating application – painting according to ISO 12944 and Norsok M-501 requirements. Coating application by brush, roller, 1K airless, 2k Airless (INERTA), antiskid coatings application on decks.
Thermal spray – zinc, zinc-aluminum or other metals application by flame or electric arc spray. ISO 2063
Quality control and Quality assurance – FROSIO Level 3 inspector on board. Full quality control services including ASTM D4752; ISO 4626; ISO 8501-1; ISO 8502; ISO 8501-3; ISO 8502-3; ISO 8502-6 and 9; ISO 8503; ISO 8504-2; Norsok m-501; ISO 12944 and other. Fully equipped with newest measurement instruments and gauges.
Welding services – we provide welding services, steel construction assembly and pipe fitting. Welding according processes 111; 141; 131; 135
Equipemnt rental – Graco airless 2K (INERTA) equipment rental with technical personnel, sandblasting equipment and other.