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TECHNIJA – we have been with you for more than 15 years!

TECHNIJA – the official partner of “SSPC Train the Painter” in the Baltic States, offering the opportunity to take part in innovative, internationally-recognised training courses for industrial painters, treatment workers, sandblasters and painting supervisors.

These workers are no longer just ancillary – the professionalism and training of the painters, sandblasters and treatment workers is what determines the final result. So why is it worth choosing the “Train the Painter” programme? It is a programme that is constantly updated and meets the highest requirements and standards. “Train the Painter” complies with NORSOK standard M501, IS0 8501-1, BS 7079 part A1, NACE No 13, SSPC-ACS-1, LST EN ISO 12944-4:2000. The programme is endorsed by SSPC and Lloyds, the international protective coatings association. During the programme, employees will learn how the machinery they use on the job works, as well as how to maintain and operate it properly by ensuring safety, avoiding accidents, and reducing costs incurred due to the quality of the work or the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Innovative training

The only way to reach highest results is to minimize manpower mistakes. Even the best coatings, used on poorly prepared surfaces are dedicated to fail.

SSPC Train The Painter – Lloyds register approved trainings, meet NACE/SSPC standard Practice for industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification Certification (SSPC-ACS-1/NACE No. 13) and Section 10.2.2 of NORSOK Standard M-501 regarding the qualification of Paint Operators.

Protective coatings application – the basics of all anticorrosion technics and methods. Safety at work, surface preparation, types of coatings, international standards, quality control and much more. After this training, coating applicator can work as anticorrosion specialist and can prepare surfaces, apply coatings with brush and roller.

Abrasive blast Cleaning – trainer receive major information about safety during abrasive blasting works, abrasive blasting technics and standards, blast media, maintenance and care about equipment. After this training operator is certified to perform blast cleaning jobs.

Spray painting – all about coating application with conventional air spray, airless sprayers, and plural component units (2K). Trainer receives information about safety, maintenance, international standards, and paint materials.

Coating Supervisor – this training module applies to team leaders and supervisors responsible for anticorrosion works. Trainers receive a lot of information about safety at work, international standards, anticorrosion technics, paint material, quality control and much more. Other trainings available on request.

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